Dream just remains a dream!

Sometimes, life offers you the best of what it can ever offer. All that life ever needs is happiness. Happiness to live. Happiness to grow. Happiness to earn, spend and save. Happiness…. to live by that one person who means nothing less than life and much more than the very happiness that life has to offer. Finding that person is undeniably the hardest part of life. True!

And yet, even if that obstacle is overcome, there are simply objections. Objections in transforming or making the life better. Living a life, sharing the absolute joy of starting over, a simple yet, a humungous step in realising this dream. A dream of simply being happy. A desire to live by a happiness that gives you the world. An urge to keep that person happy, living for and by that happiness: as hard it seems, it seems even harder to achieve it. Getting above the minimum necessities of roti, kapda, makaan seems to be a challenge nowadays. Despite the efforts, despite the battles and an urge to fight the odds of life, I still find myself cribbing to achieve the basic needs. Dreaming of a life simply seems to be a dream, no matter how hard I try to achieve it. Seems like I am still hiding behind the mask of karma. Rather than blaming people and situations around, I have now resorted to blaming myself for everything that happens. 

Not even sure why I am posting this. This might and is just a far cry to the life I am currently in to the life I have dreamt of. Just letting my heart wail my desperate cry. Life…. please give me what is mine. Though the theoretical part asks me to hold on, my practicality simply finds it hard to cling to it. 


Rules vs. Reality!

9420e51f473bbdd90289a587090f070bIf everything has a price and people are full of choices, with God himself saying that we choose our destiny and history repeating itself that we are the Masters and creators of our destiny, why does a human have to go through various phases of life. Why is a human forced to believe that the planets rule their destiny and every task or work that either needs to start or end, need to be looked upon the time of when to start and end? God is omni present, though many sects deny it. Some say that God is omni present and whatever happens to you is a result of bad karma that you either accumulated from your past birth or from your wrong doings in this life? If a person commits a mistake without his/her knowledge and gets to realise it later, why are they prone to go through the repayment of their own deeds. I was told that karma is everywhere. Be it in the form of good or bad. You walk on the road and without your knowledge, you killed an insect. It is said that even that bears bad karma. With all this said and a person trying to please his own karma with good deeds, unaware of the fact that these good deeds might also have its own ill effects on people who might or might not be associated with it. Why does a man have to look out to the social culture and restrain themselves from being what they wanna be? Why does God not give a chance for these humans to repent and ask for forgiveness and start a life, where he/she can live life (like it’s always said) to its very full? Why does questioning ones society outcast you as a outlaw and term you a psychopath or a person of no values when you don’t intend to harm anyone? Why are rules that are levied upon a society for its proper functioning and separate good people from bad, not heave it’s virtue on the ones who claim to have gained happiness by destroying someone else’s lives? Should these social barriers be followed or just used when we deemed them good for our very own purpose, as amd when we find them suitable to our thought process and deny them when they clash with the thinking? If love for our kin is what drives us to be more careful and think the least about our wishes, why is it that a sacrifice made on any grounds for a person we love is not recognised or accounted for? Why is a person with less or no communication skills with no money judged upon while the same person with money is respected? Why does a person driving a cheap car considered a victim when a person driving a Jag above it? Is this because we have framed such rules for ourselves? Is it because we are afraid of the power? A person stashes or burns a huge sum of money or drops it in a temple but never foresees that even a small percentage of that money can settle someone else’s life for good. And yet, we frame rules. When these rules are violated or questioned, you’re a social culprit but when someone with power and money abuses it, they are either sympathy drawing victims with a huge amount of uproar from various classes or they are simply spoilt rich people? Despite all this, we are still bound by the very rules that society imposes on us and worst still, our loved ones expect the same from us. Call it a necessary evil or curb yourself from being what you truly are and what you want. Ambition? Still counting on it with a hope that we will realise and accept ourselves for what is expected out of us (rules) vs. the true us (reality) who cribs at being a different self.

You are Unique!


“I was wailing over a pair of shoes, until I found a man with no legs”. This might be an old saying but all I wanted to convey was the very gist of these words. We are such – Not by nature, but  made by society which again is not to be blamed. “Life is tough” and whether you take it or not – It’s given. Of all the crib, the wailing, the hunger for more, I have been forgetting the very center of all this – ME!!

But as life goes on, we learn from our past, dwell in the present and strive for the future. During this rush hour, one question that really makes me look at life at a different level. “Did I make a difference?”, “Did I really live my life?”, “Was I truly happy?”…And the list goes on…. And yes, this is true. I don’t regret the things I have done. I regret the things I didn’t do when I had a chance. In this rat race, how many times did I GIVE rather than take? Is there a single soul to whom I was a reason for a smile amidst their life’s worries? Have I ever helped a colleague in getting along with his/her work? Have I been worth it? Really? Have I been able to get one person live his/her life in THAT moment? Have I really lived?

And amidst all these questions, a small realization… A realization to GIVE, to accept, to Live! A moment where I can bring a true smile on someone’s face, a moment where I was able to make someone’s day bright, a moment where I have accepted my fault, a moment where I have LIVED by somebody’s happiness. And most of all, was I able to bring a smile to the lives of those people who matter the most? My Family, my spouse, my friends, my colleagues… A simple smile can make a world’s difference to someone who is going through their worst moments. Rather than judging others, I have started to assess myself.

This might just be the beginning, but I foresee a life filled with happiness, satisfaction and being content. Probably, the best of what I could make of a short life.

Santosh Dolai

All that happens…. Does happen for good!

Life, in it’s own way, has taught me that… All that happens…. Does happen for good!

There must have been times when life really might have seemed uncertain and unfair. Well, this feeling had always haunted me for a long time, thereby making me the Master of the Blame-Game. No matter what it was, if anything did go wrong, it was NOT ME!

Well, its said that Experience does make you realize a lot of things and it sure did! When I do look back, (quite unnatural in my case though) the view-point seems to have gone through a renaissance. Rather than looking at what life has taken away from me, it seemed quite different. It showed me what life has given me instead and for the first time, made me realize what others have really lost because of me. Well, the chauvinist, selfish and the mean person, somehow seems to have over powered a major part of my life.

Better late than never! But then, the very realization about the very fact that I have been cursing others for seemed to have shown me what I can do now to be a better person in the future. Every incident, be it an accident or something meant, now makes me see through things before acting upon them. Every event that has happened in every part of a so-called episode of life (though I had always cursed people and the environment that I was bought up in) has made me realize that… Whatever Happens, Happens for Good. Incidents, events, accidents….. All of them have a purpose. A realization to make life better. A purpose to make a better human than what we actually were.

A realization that Relationships are an essential ingredient for one’s success. A place where a simple smile can overcome the worst nightmares and a state where, thoughts are simply thoughts. Something that do not provoke a deeper thinking of how much we have gone down. Live Life! For its the one thing that you own…

A quote that said, “Realization is a part of Everyday Life” seems to make sense now!!

Santosh Dolai